Bread Release Agents

Bread Release Agents

Find the right pan oil that will release breads, yeast products and high-sugar doughs.



Bak-klene Bread Classic

A blend of soybean oil and mineral oil specifically proportioned for bread pans. Also available in a lecithin free formula.

  • Designed for bread pan application.
  • Extends glaze life up to one year.
  • Can be applied with brush or spray equipment.
  • Kosher Pareve.

Bak-Klene Bread Presidents

An all vegetable pan release oil for bread and yeast-raised products.

  • Ideal for all bread and yeast-raised products including sweet goods.
  • High smoke point.
  • Totally excludes mineral oils from baking process.
  • Kosher Pareve.

Par-Way Classic Trough Releases

A vegetable oil blend with excellent clinging properties for troughs.

  • Holds to sprayed surface without running or pooling.
  • Provides complete lubricity for proper dough expansion.
  • Thixotropic solution; spray without heat or agitation.