Cake Release Agents

Cake Release Agents

Find the right pan oil that will release breads, yeast products and high-sugar doughs.



Bak-klene Cake Masters

A homogenized blend of soybean oil, starch and flavor for high sugar ratio cake and muffin formula. Also available in a gluten free formula.

  • Excellent for high-sugar cake or muffin formulas.
  • Mix prior to use.
  • Batter should be deposited no more than 30 minutes after greasing.
  • Low in viscosity for application with brush to eliminate fry lines.
  • Kosher Pareve.

Bak-klene Cake Premier

Excellent for high-sugar ratio formulas. Also available in trans fat free formulas.

  • High in viscosity.
  • Allows user to retard batter in pans prior to baking.
  • Kosher Pareve.