Vegalene® Sunflower Liquid

Vegalene® Sunflower Liquid is a non-GMO formula that helps foods release from cooking surfaces and utensils with ease and speed. Your menu items won't stick to pans or fall apart, allowing you to create more servable portions and maintain tight control over your food costs. For the ultimate release performance, put the trusted power of Vegalene Sunflower Liquid to work for you!

Ideal For: Preventing food from sticking to frying pans, griddles, grills, steam tables, casserole and chafing dishes, broilers, cookie presses and sheets, egg poachers, baking tins, pizza pans, slicing blades and any aluminum, iron, glass pottery, or copper utensils.

  • Achieve a thorough, fast release – with up to 30% more active release agents than other pan coatings, Vegalene Sunflower Liquid helps foods release quickly and completely – so your offerings look and taste the way you want them to.
  • Earn healthier profits – A 1-second spray equals 1 gram of oil, while a traditional 1-oz. ladle uses 28 grams of oil! You will use far less oil while serving a healthier and more satisfying product – and reducing costly throwaways, too!
  • Save pans and money – Vegalene Sunflower Liquid helps reduce the gummy buildup so common with other releases, simplifying cleanup and extending the life of your cooking equipment.
  • Use quality ingredients for superior results – Certified Kosher Pareve, this spray contains no salt, cholesterol, water, alcohol, preservatives or inorganic compounds. It also helps foods brown consistently and creates a pleasant aroma without affecting food flavor.
  • Choose the product for your operation – pick our convenient aerosol can or try our non-aerosol spray pump in a pint bottle.