Corporate Responsibility

Par-Way Tryson adheres to the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility. Day in and day out,  the Par-Way team strives to operate more sustainably and create positive change, focusing our energies on our three-part mission of:


Creating a culture of personal and professional growth

  • An atmosphere of teamwork, integrity and innovation
  • A culture that promotes employee retention and work/life balance
  • Tuition assistance for continuing education
  • Promote health and wellness through an on-site exercise facility and classes


Conserving natural resources in our manufacturing processes

  • Earth-friendly, FDA-approved propellants that do not deplete the ozone
  • Spray cans made with 25% less metal and recyclable materials
  • Commitment to reducing the consumption of natural gas resources – use less natural gas, electricity and water
  • Utilize energy-efficient technology in facilities and equipment
  • Reduction of waste in all processes – utilize recycle materials where available and participate in recycling program


Strengthening and supporting our communities

  • Serving our customers with products and services of the highest quality and value
  • Ethical treatment for employees, customers and suppliers
  • Provide product donations to culinary educational institutions, industry associations and local fundraisers
  • Utilizing labor from the local Missouri “sheltered workshop”
  • Company support for local and national hunger initiatives