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Par-Way Tryson, the makers of the Vegalene® branded products, are pleased to announce that the American Culinary Federation has awarded their distinguished Seal of Approval to three of our products..... more


Par-Way Tryson, the manufacturer of Vegalene® Premium Food Release Spray, is proud to announce their partnership with the esteemed American Culinary Federation (ACF) as a Silver Level sponsor..... more


Par-Way Tryson Chief Executive Officer, Mandy Hanson has recently been awarded the Marty Whelan Entrepreneur Leadership Award by UniPro Foodservice, Inc. for 2012..... more


Par-Way Tryson recently launched two new release oils. These release agents aid in freeing processed meat products from molds, as well as assisting with the removal of netting from hams and other netted meats.... more


Par-Way Tryson, the manufacturer of Vegalene® Food Release sprays, recently announced promotions and role expansions in the sales and marketing divisions.... more