Bak-klene® Egg Wash

Egg Wash Made Easy

Create beautiful golden-brown baked goods without the hassle and mess of breaking eggs, mixing and brushing with Bak-klene® Egg Wash. This convenient, shelf stable egg wash helps increase the efficiency of your bakery operation.

Bak-klene® Egg Wash saves prep and clean-up time by eliminating the need to crack eggs and the messy pail and brush application. Simply add water, shake and spray. No pails or bushes to wash. The quick and easy application from the liquid spray bottle provides consistent product coverage for a patron-pleasing shine.

There are no chemicals or preservatives in Bak-klene® Egg Wash, it is made with all natural, real eggs that are non-GMO and hormone-free. It has no trans fat, sodium or calories and is Kosher Dairy. Bak-klene® Egg Wash assures you can meet the desire for healthy offerings and nutritional mandates.

Achieve superior browning and shine with Bak-klene® Egg Wash on pies, breads, rolls, croissants and pastries. A quick and easy spray enhances the appearance and appeal of your baked creations.

Bak-klene® Egg Wash provides the ultimate in convenience and performance increasing the efficiency and product appeal of any bakery operation.

Bak-klene® Egg Wash Provides
A Beautiful Golden-Brown Shine In No Time

Whole Eggs, Egg Yolk, and Dried Egg Whites (All With Glucose Removed For Stability)


  • Case Qty
    • 6 cans
  • $35.30