Bak-klene® Bakery Sprays

Our rich tradition of providing foodservice and bakery solutions includes the trusted products in our Bak-klene® Bakery Release Sprays line-up. These sprays help operators create more distinctive appealing offerings while increasing productivity by eliminating waste and making clean-up a breeze. They provide the flexibility you expect and the release you demand.

With the nutritional goodness of zero trans-fats, Bak-klene® ZT All Purpose Bakery Spray makes it easy for you to meet the growing demand for healthier baked goods - and stay in line [...]

If you want to be known as a great bread bakery, you need Bak-klene® Bread Pan Release Spray in your back-of-house lineup. Specially formulated for use on bread pans and screens, this [...]

Create baked goods with a beautiful golden-brown shine in no time with Bak-klene® Egg Wash. Made with all natural, real eggs Bak-klene® Egg Wash provides the ultimate in convenience [...]

Now you can get a distinctive sheen that enhances the visual appeal of your baked goods - without the concerns that come with traditional egg washes. Bake-Sheen® Egg Wash Substitute [...]