Other Foodservice Products

We have a unique line-up of Other Foodservice Products to meet your specific baking and food preparation needs.

MallowCreme® Marshmallow Cream gives you the freedom to create profitable signature treats with ease.

Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Saragosa Sauté Blend Olive Oil offer a unique bag-in-box convenience to the finest imported olive oil, adding the purity, practicality and value you expect for your operation.

And our PuriCit® Odor Eliminator uses citrus based odor deactivators scientifically proven to bond with and remove odors, creating an appealing environment patrons crave.

MallowCreme® makes it easy for you to expand your snack, dessert and grab-and-go menus with high-margin cereal bars and other unique treats your guests crave. You no longer have to [...]

Saragosa® 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil combines world-class quality with unmatched convenience. Now you can serve a premium, first-press olive oil that will do your menu proud, and [...]

Great taste, performance and value all come together with Saragosa® Sauté Blend. Featuring 20% extra virgin olive oil and 80% canola oil, this versatile performer in a convenient [...]

PuriCit® Odor Eliminator uses citrus-based odor deactivators proven to actually eliminate odors. Air fresheners just overpower the air with their own fragrance. PuriCit Odor Eliminator [...]