Saragosa® Sauté Blend Olive Oil

Heart-Healthy Olive Oil. Convenient Packaging.

Great taste, performance and value all come together with Saragosa® Sauté Blend. Featuring 20% extra virgin olive oil and 80% canola oil, this versatile performer in a convenient Bag-in-Box unit works across the menu to bring Mediterranean flavor to everything from appetizers to timeless entrees. It also carries an attractive price point, giving you more for your menuing dollar.

Use Saragosa® Sauté Blend for back-of-house prep or as an accompaniment to breads and other appetizers to get a richer flavor than other olive oil blends. Leverage its heart-healthy features and lighten up you menu by using it for dipping with breads; marinating; frying or sautéing meats, fish and vegetables; separating pasta; or as a salad or pizza dough ingredient. It has no trans fat and is Kosher Pareve.

Traditional bottled oils are messy and result in spills, waste, risk of contamination and time-consuming cleanups. Saragosa’s® built-in, push-pull spigot dispenses the exact amount of oil needed every time, for consistent portioning. While the unique bag design reduces waste by ensuring 100% oil drainage, maximizing your profitability. Saragosa® Sauté Blend comes in lightweight boxes that are easy to grip, stack and store so staff doesn’t have to mess with slippery tins, hard-to-handle plastic containers or messy bottled oils, increasing safety and keeping the serving area neat and sanitary.

Richer Flavor. Healthier, Lighter Menu Options.
Unique Convenient Packaging. Saragosa® Sauté Blend.

Olive Oil and Canola Oil

  • Case Qty
    • 1/10 liter (2.6 gallon) box
  • $43.00