Vegalene® Buttery Delite®

There's not much that brings out the comfort in comfort food like the taste of rich and creamy butter. Vegalene® Buttery Delite® Seasoning Spray delivers a consistent butter flavor and a healthier and easier approach to the creation of delicious breads, vegetables, and grilled sandwiches we can't help but love to eat!

Ideal For: Buttering up the flavor of toasted buns, fresh breadsticks, grilled sandwiches, sautéed meats and fish, and steamed vegetables.

  • Save time, avoid melting – Vegalene Buttery Delite eliminates the time-consuming task of melting butter, and eliminates the need for clumsy ladles and brushes.
  • Simplify portioning – One quick spray of Vegalene Buttery Delite ensures complete, consistent coverage – and there is no wasted product at the end of the day.
  • Be safer – Keeping exposed, melted butter around all day increases the risk of contamination. Our shelf-stable aerosol can takes those worries away.
  • Environment friendly aerosol can – specially designed to have a smaller impact on the environment.  Made with 25% recycled steel.
  • Go healthy – with 0g trans-fat per serving, no soy allergens, and gluten free, Vegalene Buttery Delite can improve your menu’s nutritional profile while enhancing flavor, too! Kosher and Pareve approved.

Canola Oil, Natural Flavor, Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Annatto (color) and Propellant.

Specification: Blend of canola oil with sunflower lecithin, salt, natural flavor and annatto (color). Minimum of 90% oil. Salt content to be less than 3%. Must not contain grain alcohol, water,  or soy allergens. Certified Kosher Pareve. No CFC’s and adds no  trans fat or calories per serving.
Case Pack: 6/14 oz. aerosol cans     Buttery Delite or equal

  • Size/Pack
    • 6/14 oz. aerosol cans
  • Item Code
    • 13120
  • Serving Size
    • About a 1/3 second spray (.25g)
  • Servings/ Container
    • 1,584
  • Servings/ Case
    • 9,504
  • Case Wt/ Cubic Foot
    • 6.85/.22
  • Pallet Config
    • 39 x 4 = 156
  • Storage Temperature
    • Between 65°F and 120°F
  • Shelf Life
    • In excess of 1 year

Serving Size:

Spray (.25g)

Calories: 0

Calories From Fat: 0

Total Fat: 0g


Saturated Fat 0


Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0g


Sodium: 0mg


Total Carbohydrate: 0g


Protein: 0g


*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000-calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Kosher: Yes - PAREVE

Serving Size For Nutrients: 0.25 gm

Household Serving Size: 0.25

Measure: GM

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