Vegalene® Grid Iron Non-Stick Spray

The Perfect Release Every Time

As breakfast offerings expand throughout the day-part and the popularity of waffles and paninis continues to grow, rely on Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray to make sure your creations release perfectly every time.

A superior blend of release agents provides long-lasting performance allowing you to avoid spraying the iron after each use. Produce up to 3 to 5 waffles per spray, increasing the efficiency of your operation, saving time and money.

Vegalene® Grid Iron Non-Stick Spray has no trans fat, sodium, gluten or calories and is Kosher Pareve, allowing you to accommodate nutritional and clean label concerns to create healthier offerings without sacrificing the perfect release.

Ideal for waffle irons and panini grills Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray is specially formulated to keep grids clean while it releases preventing troublesome carbon buildup. After cooking, a simple wipe-down will do. And with no gummy buildup, there is no soaking or scrubbing so equipment lasts longer with virtually no need for griddle reconditioning.

When you trust Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray it assures you can craft, cook and clean-up with ease.

No Sticking. No Stress. No Worry.
With Vegalene® Grid Iron Release Spray.

Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, Soy Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Beta-Carotene (color) and Propellant


  • $30.00